Fortune Favors The Brave Re-imagines The Southwest

It has long been said that fortune favors the brave, but it also favors girls with a particularly keen aesthetic for jewelry. Enter Shannon Davenport and Julia Wilson, two friends that originally hail from San Diego, and traveled to NYC together to create their tough-yet-traditional Fortune Favors the Brave jewelry collection . The debut collection is the Southwest re-imagined, with turquoise detailing on myriad silver and gold pieces. Many of the items take Native American references, such as the Kachina and the totem, and amp them up in bold hardware pieces. The pair has even reinterpreted the iconic cowboy bolo tie into a chic, more-than-wearable necklace. We simply love this new line's effortless translation of classic western themes into beautifully edgy jewelry (not to mention the gorgeous lookbook photographry by Maya Villiger from Turned Out), and we can't wait to see what inspires them in future collections.

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