Forever21 Uses Funhouse Mirrors To Make Customers Think They're Hotter Than They Are

It's no secret that Forever21 can be a bit of a circus—with all of the under-$20 steals, you're competing with pushing hoards also vying for bargain buys. But it seems like they're running another kind of circus too. Turns out, as Budget Fashionista found out, the cheap-clothes mega-store tactically tilts its mirrors to make you look slimmer, and installs warm, amber-hued lighting in dressing rooms that smooths skin surfaces and gives you an irresistible need-this-dress-now glow. If not for Forever21's bogus return policy (i.e. practically none&mdashthey only offer in-store credit), we wouldn't be too concerned with their foolery. But in this case, we're suggesting that this might be one time you should bring a friend along to offer a real-life opinion. Otherwise, once you leave the store, you may be pissed that you're stuck with your new dud...well, forever. (Budget Fashionista)
Forever21, 1540 Broadway (between west 45th and west 46th streets); 212-302-0594.

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