The Best Summer Clothing To Show Off Your Favorite Features

During the summer months, a kind of fashion math comes into play: As temperatures rise, the amount of fabric we wear diminishes in proportion. Slowly but surely, we start shedding our wintry layers. However, we're much quicker to shed some layers than others: Some of us may prefer to keep our calves covered, but will gladly put our forearms on display — or vice versa. Or, we'll seek out a high-waisted trouser to pair with a skimpy crop top. We love 100% of our bodies. But, sometimes, we just like to show off a particular 20%.
As we cap off the month of May, we're honing in on those perfect summer-wardrobe items that highlight our best features. To scope out these pieces, we enlisted three awesome stylists to walk us through the season's sleekest styles: Alex Sweterlitsch, Sarah Slutsky, and R29's own Emily Holland. Click through for tips, tricks, and — most importantly — some sweet summer shopping.

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