30 Gifts For The Friend Who's Always Trying To Get You To Work Out

Photo: Courtesy of Bandier.
How on earth do you find a cool enough gift for the person who has google alerts for new Nike sneakers, took you to your very first SoulCycle class, and was boxing before it was trendy? Staying on top of fitness trends is hard, especially if a Zumba class at your local community center is as close as you typically get to boutique fitness.
No matter how many times you try to deflect their workout dates with a suggestion for some other sedentary activity, this friend's fitness peer-pressuring persists. Even if actual exercise is not your thing — which, BTW, is totally fine — there are still ways to make your friend happy with a unique fitness-themed gift that they'll appreciate.
Ahead, we found the trendiest workout clothing and gear that your fitness-fanatic friends have probably been coveting.

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