These Are The Best Boxing Classes In NYC

Photographed by Andi Elloway.
Boxing might be the new yoga, as far as trendy, relaxing workouts go. Fancy boxing studios have garnered a cult-like following with boutique fitness aficionados, and new studios are popping up all the time in New York City. Maybe the classes are so popular because living in a place like NYC is stressful, and people need an outlet for all that rage, or maybe people are into it because boxing is an excellent workout and surprisingly accessible for all levels.
Throwing punches counts as aerobic exercise, builds upper body strength, and improves your balance and hand-eye coordination. If the thought of being thrown into a ring with a stranger intimidates you, don't freak, because that's not actually what goes down in a group boxing class. In most cases, the trainer tells you exactly how to punch or kick a boxing bag, so you're totally safe and it's almost choreographed. There's also something called "shadow boxing," in which you don't even hit a bag; you just hit the air. In addition to hitting stuff, you'll also probably do some core strength exercises and stretch during the workout. But, like we said, boxing can be intimidating, especially if you're going to a studio for the very first time.
Here's what to expect from the best group boxing classes in NYC — whether you're a first-timer or a regular Ronda Rousey. Go ahead and float like a butterfly on over to these classes, and sting like a bee, too.

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