The Best Outfit For You, According To Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui has to do with creating a sense of balance; specifically, the idea of harmonizing ourselves with our surroundings. There are said to be five basic elements — wood, fire, earth, water, and metal — that work together to create this harmony. Each of us has a predominant element that can be determined by our date of birth. Think of yours as an astrological sign of sorts, which can be used to determine the best home decor for your space and even optimal colors, prints, and silhouettes to have in your wardrobe, too.
We talked with certified feng shui consultant Ali Sherbach (she's also the owner and founder of consultant agency Surface & Symbol should you want a more in-depth analysis) for the low-down on these elements and the perfect outfits to shop for each.
Remember: The pillar of feng shui is harmony. In this vein, someone with a watery personality, for example, "might lack focus and be all over the place," explains Sherbach. "To help balance them out, we would use earth in their clothes and accessories, as it's an element that is very stable and grounding." Now that you get the basic idea: Find out your birth element (if you don't already know it), then click through the slideshow to see if your compatible look matches up with your current wares.

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