Want To See What’s In Our Editors’ Commuter Bags?

Yes, we're editors. But, we're really hoarders at heart. We keep mounds of beauty goods at our desks, piles of shoes under our chairs, and the latest in fitness gear shoved in our drawers as we test products to recommend the best of the best for you every day. And, the clutter doesn't stop there.
They say your handbag is an extension of you, so it makes sense the contents of our jam-packed carryalls reflect our daily goings-on. To show what we mean, we asked six of our editors (all from different channels) to spill on what's in their commuter bags. Up ahead, you'll see the face mist and emergency kit our beauty director can't leave home without, our style editor's daily essentials, and much more. Click through to check it out, and tell us in the comments section below what you carry in your satchel. We know you've got serious baggage, too.