A Fashion Blogger's Closet, Decoded

While there's a seemingly infinite amount of shoes, bags, and clothing on the market, bloggers — like everyone else — play favorites. Every fashion week, we'll see the same bag, the same shoes, or the same sweater on multiple influencers. Much like we can trace back their stardom by digging through their archives, we can also pinpoint what items pique a blogger's interest by scrolling through Instagram.
They'll place the same sunglasses on their brunch tables. Or, they'll confess to buying the same bag in multiple colors, out of sheer love for the style. Bloggers may spearhead new trends, but they, too, fall hard for certain items — and just can't get enough.
It should come as no surprise that dressing like a fashion blogger is not cheap. Though there might be some Zara and Topshop mixed in to create a perfect high-low mix, a blogger's wardrobe is anchored in Isabel Marant sweatshirts and Chloé crossbody bags.
And, while much of it isn't shoppable online (no matter how hard we pray at the Céline luggage tote altar), we found some of the brands today's top bloggers can't get enough of in the slideshow ahead. From Charlotte Olympia to Karen Walker, click through to see the MVPs of the influencer market.

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