Lighten Up: 10 Cardigans Made For Summer

As much as you'd like the temperature to always hover between 75 and 90, the sun to always be out, and the AC to always be refreshing, that's just not how summer works. The mercury has been known to drop below "warm," even on the hottest days, the wind sometimes starts blowing above "breezy," and you're probably complaining right now about the fact that your office AC is set to Siberia.
So, where do you look when you want to layer on something but just thinking about your wool winter sweaters gives you hives? To summer cardigans, of course! In thin, breathable materials and summer-friendly hues, without a single snowflake motif in sight, these toppers will take you from your desk to the beach to a rooftop rendezvous with your best buds. Come see!