How To Shop NYC’s Best Farmers’ Markets

When you live in a sea of skyscrapers, it's easy to forget there's a slice of country life in New York City. No, we're not talking about rooftop-bar shrubbery. Every May through October (and, if you're lucky, year-round), farmers' markets come to the city, much to our delight. But, admittedly, we're amateurs at knowing when to go, what to buy, and how to make something delicious with it all. So, we asked Top Chef alum Sam Talbot to hook us up. He taught us where to go, the best days to shop, and how to purchase produce like a farmers' market pro. Plus, he's given us a quick and simple dish you can throw together with all your market goodies.
Ahead, Talbot's fool-proof farmers' market guide. You can kiss that Trader Joe's line bye-bye — it's local from here on out.