7 Things We Get Wrong About French Women — & 1 Thing We Get Right

Illustrated by Paola Delucca.
If you're completely sick of the so-called French girl craze, you aren't the only one. Actual French women are sick of it, too. The stereotypical Parisian, with her waif-like figure, perfectly mussed hair, and baguette strategically tucked under her arm, is not representative of the women who inhabit Paris.
They're actually more like Fany Péchiodat, founder of My Little Paris, the guide local women eagerly refer to almost daily to see what's cool to do in Paris. Péchiodat turned her love of finding hidden gems in her city into a weekly email for friends who were constantly asking about her favorite spots. Eight years, millions of views, and hundreds of subscription boxes later, Péchiodat and her team are embarking on their latest venture: A new newsletter, catered to American women, to tell them what being French is actually all about. "This is our take on the 'French Girl' lifestyle — but by real French women who don't necessarily fit into the 'effortless, skinny, chic' stereotype that is often presented to the public," she says.
Péchiodat's goal is to "refresh" the image of Paris and the Parisians that go along with it. "Paris is about so much more than undone hair and great clothes," she says. "The city is incredibly diverse and innovative, filled with creatives from all over the world who are reshaping the city through art, design, food, and ideas." Turns out, we've gotten a lot wrong about French women over the years.
Ahead, Péchiodat busts up a handful of myths about Parisians that we've come to believe — and lets us in on one thing we've had right all along. Click through, and then make sure to sign up for My Little Paris's newsletter for weekly lifestyle secrets from France. You may find you're more Parisian than you realized.

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