Jean Jackets You Can Wear To The Office — & Not Just On Friday

Ah, jean jackets. How do we love thee. We’ll go as far as to say it’s the one denim staple we've had in our arsenal since we were children, and for good reason. “Denim has always been unpretentious, reliable, and hard-working,” says Soraya Dayani, denim aficionado and stylist at The Wall Group. Few other jackets have such distinct personality (let alone one that can be customized to its wearer) or look even better after they're worn in or at the end of a long day.
Denim also has undeniably deep roots in American history and pop culture. "It was worn by women who worked in factories making weapons and machinery during WWII, and also the badass rebels and bikers of the late '50s," Dayani says. "Bing Crosby is known for making the denim tuxedo jacket famous in the '50s, and since then, denim has been worn by the famous and rebels all over. It has become the old-school rock-'n'-roll staple that we turn to for its attitude," Dayani continues. "It states youth!"
Now, the jean jacket has evolved once again and taken a sophisticated and elegant turn. To assuage our jean-loving, inner teenage hearts, there are even denim toppers fancy enough to wear to the office. Ahead, we've rounded up our favorite refined jean jackets for the denim lover whose tastes have also grown up. "Today, most fashion houses have taken the rebellion away from denim," Dayani agrees. "But, it still holds its heritage and sexual freedom!" Hear, hear!

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