23 Fancy Boots For An Instant Outfit Upgrade

It's officially the time of year when your boots don't leave your feet. And of course, we've got nothing against those old reliable pairs that can withstand the mileage you're bound to put on them — everyone needs a pair that's going to essentially mold to your foot from wearing them so much. But, if boots are all we'll be wearing for the next couple of months, it'll make the season feel a whole lot more fun to have a few fancier options on hand, too.
And, thanks to the pointy, metallic, patent, and over-the-knee boots that are trending hard right now, it's not difficult to find a dressier boot option that suits your style (especially since most boots at your favorite shops right now are leaning more toward the dressy side). By no means are we suggesting you throw your flat, tread-sole boots to the side (you're going to need those!), but boot weather gets a lot more groovy when you supplement your usual go-tos with an extra-fun pair for dressing up, special occasions, or really any day your outfit just needs that extra bit of pizazz.
So, click ahead for a few styles that master the art of looking fancy without trying too hard — these are the pairs that'll really get you excited for boot weather (if it ever comes).

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