10 Fall Accessory Trends You Won't Want To Skip

You've had your eye on the fall trends since they walked down the catwalk. You've waited month after excruciating month for them to drop. Now it's time to put your engines into drive, because finally, fall fashion is within arm's reach. While some of our favorite designers have their collections dropping at the brink of August, we're starting to see the new objects of our affection trickle into your favorite stores, which means it's time to start bringing in the goods. Where are we starting? Accessories.

For some reason, we're more open to dropping tons o' cash on a bag, a good shoe, or a piece of jewelry. Maybe it's because we think said accessory will have a longer life en mode than a new skirt or blouse. And while each season there are accessory trends we can really get behind (both financially and with our hearts), there are also the trends that we're digging — but don't want to spend all our dough on scoring. Ahead, we've brought you 10 of our favorite shoes, bags, and jewelry trends in a range of price points, so you can decide if you're in love or lust, depending on your financial barometer.

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