The Ultimate Weekend Getaway Guide For L.A. Girls

Sure, summer’s almost over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t escape town for a quick overnight adventure. One of the benefits of living in L.A. are the many cool destinations just a short drive away (traffic gods willing, of course). Want to completely unplug for the weekend? Pack your bags for a quiet, nature-inspired getaway in Ojai. Prefer wet and wild water sports instead? Drive south to La Jolla, a gorgeous and often underrated beach town.
To get you started on fall trip planning — or help you pull the trigger on a last minute Labor Day vacation — we’ve selected four nearby spots that offer something a little different for everyone. Even better, visiting these towns works well for any budget, whether you’re prepared to splurge on luxury accommodations, or simply want a comfortable place to sleep. Read on for our guide on where to stay and what to do in La Jolla, Catalina Island, Ojai, and Laguna Beach.
Repeat after us: I will use my vacation days.