Our Fall Decor Checklist: 14 Must-Haves from 7 R29 Editors

October’s almost here, and all in all, we’d consider ourselves pretty well-stocked for the season. Punchy printed pants: check. Ultra-essential ankle boots: check. Fall-friendly maxi: check. Presentable, up-to-date apartment: uh, whoops! So, we may have dropped the style ball a bit on the home front, but hey, we’ve been busy—Barneys' lighting makes everyone look better. But now, it’s time to spruce up the digs for all kinds of cool-weather festivities (you know, like cocktail parties, holiday entertaining, and being un-cold). Thanks to Reserve’s latest offer, we don’t have to look far—or rent out our couches—to get the job done. For a limited time, BurkeDecor’s ultimate stash of designer home accents is available to R29’ers for an exclusive price! Before you hit the virtual racks, be sure to check out the must-haves that we’ve picked out to refresh our pads. Aren’t you proud? We’re nesting!