Could You Support This Fake-Bra Trend?

If the plain, white tee and T by Alexander Wang's black-leather triangle bralette had a baby, this fake-bra T-shirt would no doubt be its slightly crazed offspring. We're no stranger to weird fashion trends — we embraced polarizing ones like bejeweled Birkenstocks and baggy pants — but not all questionable styles are created equal. Some leave us grasping for words, and, considering we're editors, that's saying something.
During our morning trawl of the new arrivals sections at our favorite online shops, we couldn't help but gawk at this hybrid underwear tee from Front Row. Reminiscent of the Margiela for H&M bodysuit, it's a sportier take on the designer collaboration, but we're not sure being on-trend makes it any better. Try not to think of those fake six-pack tees guys wear to the beach in the summer. It can't be done. Although, if wearing this look means we can forgo our underthings altogether, maybe we'll reconsider. And, if you go braless on the regular, consider this top your own inside joke. Ringing in at $46, the choice is yours: Must-own novelty shirt, or "No, thanks, I'll stick to my real bra." Click ahead to view (and possibly shop) the top from every angle.