This Instagram Account Isn't All Smoke & Mirrors

There's a reason jewelry designer and photographer Faith Lord amassed a nearly 15,000-person following: The girl is effortlessly cool. Her expertly curated Instagram handle, @faithlord, is just the kind of gem people hope to find on the platform's "Explore" feature. Not only does she have gorgeous hair and an excellent eye, but she recently tied the knot, too, making for some breathtaking snaps.
Opting for a largely monochromatic feed, Lord wears exactly what she likes and doesn't seem to worry about conforming to current trends. But, it just so happens her sartorial approach is one that speaks to us; hers is an ethereal yet minimalistic style that suits her beautifully. Intrigued? Click through to scope out a few of her pics. If you like what you see, follow her 'grams for clever styling cues, check out her e-store PARALLEL PULSE, and shop a few similar, pared-down looks ahead, too.
Photo: Courtesy of @faithlord.

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