8 Ways To Remove Facial Hair — Without Everyone In The Mall Watching

Body hair is predictable. It grows back from a shave or a wax at a steady pace, making itself known day by day. You likely never look down at your pubic hair and think, Where did this all suddenly come from?!
Facial hair is not like that; it's a sneaky motherfucker. All looks fine in the magnifying mirror at night, then you wake up in the morning with a black chin hair that's long enough to curl. Only you don't notice it until you're in a board meeting or on a date, because that's how the cruel universe operates.
But you don't have to wish you had prepared for that out-of-nowhere mustache that pops up on your honeymoon; you can actually be ready with tools small enough to fit into the tiniest clutch. Or, if you're more ambitious, you can get yourself on a regular schedule of lasering, dermaplaning, or depilating — without ever stepping foot in a salon or spa. Because sometimes you don't want someone picking away at your face with thread for every sidewalk passerby to see.
Ahead, eight options for getting rid of your peach fuzz, mustache, chin hairs, even the spiky things sticking out of your nostrils — only if you want to.

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