Help! My Bracelets Make Annoying Noises When I Type

The only thing we want to be clickity-clackiting at our desks are our fingers on a keyboard. Anything else tends to throw off our word count, err, rhythm. Maybe you've encountered this problem, too: It starts with an arm party and ends with sore wrists and frayed nerves.
It's a fairly common conundrum for those parked in front of a computer all day. And, the solution isn't to forgo your cuffs and bracelets altogether. Instead, think about the type of bauble you're wrapping your wrists with. Instead of heavy metals, try softer materials like leather, cord, and braided thread for a quick fix. For an even quicker fix, click ahead to the slideshow for 17 comfy bracelets to shop now. Your hard-earned peace and quiet, right this way.

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