This New Collab Is About To Go Viral On Instagram

Photo: Courtesy of être cécile.
You don't need to have passed high-school French class — or even know how to pronounce Être Cécile — to recognize that this witty T-shirt label is going places, fast. Since its 2013 launch, its slogan tees and sweats have become instant favorites among bloggers, editors, and celebrities. And, this season's collaboration with Man Repeller's Leandra Medine and Harper's Bazaar's Laura Brown is a clear indication that it's not about to slow down.
Capitalizing on the idea that people will always (ALWAYS) want to look French, the two capsule collections are serving up a slice of New York wit with a side of Parisian cool.
Medine's four-piece line includes shirts proclaiming, "Repousse-mec" (French for Man Repeller) and "Am I French Yet?". Brown's collection is inspired by the Grand Palais historic site, with slogans like "On y Va" (Let's Go) and "Charge!" that perfectly capture the brand's tongue-in-cheek attitude. We could go on, but they're really something you should see (and shop) for yourself. Allons-y, friends.

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