10 iPhone Cases For The Lady Boss In Your Life

It's time to celebrate being a boss.
Last week, Hillary Clinton made history by becoming the first female presidential nominee for a major party. Women across the U.S. (and the world) are pushing up against their own glass ceilings, leaning in, busting ghosts, and being general badasses. We are awesome — and we're doing awesome things in the world.
But with all the mundaneness of everyday life, sometimes you can forget that. And a smartphone case is the perfect place for that little reminder. Whether you need an occasionally pick-me-up or a friend does, a glance down at an empowering message emblazoned across the back of your iPhone could be just the thing to make your day a tiny bit better. (Or at the very least, set you apart from the crowd.)
If you're tired of your boring, plain old case and want something that says you slay all day long, read on — we've got the perfect cases for you.

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