This Techie Clutch Will Resurrect Your Phone — & Maybe Life

empoweredPhoto: Courtesy of emPOWERED.
For the gadget diehards among us that swear by their iPhones, Droids, Kindles, etc., there's perhaps no worse feeling than seeing the ominous "Battery Low" alert pop up. And, it usually comes at the most inopportune time, whether you need to call your boss, look up directions, or Instagram the amazing burrito you're about to devour.
But, all hope is not lost. Back in 2012, we were first introduced to the Everpurse, a pouch that charges iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models wirelessly in its inner pocket. And, now, a newer alternative has arrived in the form of emPOWERED. The brand specializes in a leather-clutch collection with mini USB charging cables and Apple adapters attached. With these bad boys, you can save your smartphone, tablet, or other devices from their imminent deaths by simply connecting them to the interior cable. Recharging the built-in battery is also a piece of cake — just plug the cable into a computer or wall adapter.
Winning even more points for practicality, the clutches can also be converted into a shoulder bag or crossbody by attaching a set of removable and adjustable chain straps. Priced at $149 and available in 11 different colors and textures, these battery lifesavers are perfectly sized to accommodate your bare necessities, sport to Fashion Week, or throw into a weekender and tote on vacation. Either way, we'll no longer fear the 10% battery warning ever again.

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