10 Curvy-Girl Buys To Complete Your Fall Wardrobe

There's so much emphasis placed on first impressions. But, we believe everyone deserves a second chance. We were thrilled when Family Guy returned to the small screen; we were beside ourselves when Surge soda was re-released on Amazon; and we nearly "blue" ourselves when we got an extra season of Arrested Development. So, you can only imagine our second-time-around glee when plus-size staple Eloquii returned in February and showed us exactly why they deserved another chance.
The old Eloquii was nice, but a little bland for our taste — filled with lots of the same ol’ styles that could be bought anywhere. But, thankfully, the new independent Eloquii is stocked to the brim with fashion-forward designs for sizes 14 to 24, and with frequent sales (and Instagram-only secret deals), adding them to your closet is as wallet-friendly as making your own pumpkin spice latte.
So, with fall fashion fresh in our minds, we’ve curated a lineup of our favorite Eloquii items to fit every style, occasion, and budget. From on-trend plaid and red haute designs, to distressed denim and vegan leather items that look like the real deal, every option rings in under $150 and is totally crush-worthy. Don’t blame us if you want 'em all.
Want another reason to shop Eloquii? Use code R29 for 40% off new (non-discounted) styles until tomorrow, 4 p.m.
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