Elle Fanning Goes Back To Pilgrim Chic…And Is A True Pioneer

So, it wasn't that we didn't like it when Elle Fanning showed up to a Chanel event dressed in her Mayflower best; it was that, when she did it, it was barely even autumn, and Halloween was weeks away. The whole thing felt, forgive us, unseasonal — and a bit hot, to boot. But, any qualms we had about her penchant for pilgrim chic have been abolished, thanks to some stunning Dolce & Gabbana and a well-chosen, bejeweled headband. At the Fiji-sponsored Ginger And Roses screening in L.A. last night, the junior Fanning lightened up, once again earning her perennial "red-carpet favorite" status.
Instead of wearing restrictive velvet and a flat-brimmed hat, Fanning breezed in with a soft, white shirt and a cross-shaped bow (is that an ascot? Mayhaps we spy an ascot...), anchoring the whole ensemble in a voluminous A-line skirt. And, like her pioneer predecessors, Elle adorned her hair with a floral band, hopefully paying homage to the wonderful bounty for which we are all about to receive...by enjoying her perfect (as usual) peaches-and-cream complexion.
An aside: Perhaps the secret to baby-smooth skin lies in Elle Fanning's visage? Someone should investigate...

Photo: Matt Sayles/Invision