Elle Fanning Is The Cutest Pilgrim Ever, Too Bad T-Giving Is 2 Months Away

Look at you, Elle Fanning. Ready for the holidays. All you need is a little pair of buckled shoes and maybe a basked filled with some "decorative f*cking gourds." Honestly, we absolutely would love to invite you to break some bread with us and give thanks with us in our homes, but (and we don't mean to be alarmist) it isn't even October 15.
We appreciate Ms. Fanning showing up to the 80th anniversary of Chanel's fine jewelry in her most festive best, but we fear she may have jumped the gun...just a bit. Sure, it isn't exactly July anymore, but wearing a high-necked velvet dress, especially under that pap glare, might have been a little inappropriate just 10 days past the end of September. The buttons, plus that flat-brimmed hat, gives that fresh off her Rumspringa vibe...but that's okay (everyone is in to Breaking Amish these days, anyway).
One thing that is welcome any time, any place, is her freshly scrubbed beauty routine. It may be possible that Elle Fanning is made entirely of peaches and cream. Aside from a little lipgloss, it's hard to discern any makeup, and our little pilgrim seems to actually glow from within. Guess that's just the holiday cheer within us all, three months early.
Photo: Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImages

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