R29 Editors Share That One Item They Can’t Stop Buying

As fashion editors, we see all of the trends: the good, the bad, the mind-bending. And while season after season, we here at R29 challenge you, our fearless readers, to break out of your style safety nets and put those runway creations to the reality test, we also know that certain silhouettes and looks just work for our own personal style, no matter how experimental we get with our wardrobe otherwise. That's why we decided to get real about our shopping weaknesses — those items that, no matter how many of them we already have in our closets, we just naturally gravitate towards, whether we're browsing our favorite indie boutique, late-night shopping online, or traveling across the world to our favorite vintage shops. Real style talk ahead!
Christene Barberich, Editor-In-Chief: Tunic Dresses To Wear Over Pants
"I don't know when I started wearing dresses over pants...maybe in second grade? I've always liked the free-flowing femininity of dresses, but never too feminine. A pair of pants underneath always takes care of that. And right now, the more A-line and sheer the fabric, the better."
Anne-Marie Guarnieri, Deputy Editor, Fashion & Beauty: Colorful Sneakers
"I have tripled down on the sneaker over the last two seasons, and I don't think I'm going to stop. When you spend as much time walking around as I do here in NYC, there's a comfort factor, sure. But the sneaker has evolved past its utilitarian roots and into something that you can build an entire outfit around."
Paula Goldstein Di Principe, Fashion Director: Jumpsuits
"My thing is jumpsuits and overalls. They are the ultimate in lazy-girl dressing because your whole outfit is done just by adding shoes and a great necklace. I have sexy vintage '70s disco ones, polka-dot overalls like every good children's-TV presenter, and super-luxe evening ones. I actually have contemplated doing away with all my separates and just living a new, minimalist jumpsuit life."
Emily Holland, Styling Director: No-Stretch Denim
"I'm somewhat of a denim addict and am especially crazy about vintage denim. The quality of the fabric and construction is hard to come by these days, and there's something to be said for the nostalgia that comes along with it. Lately, denim designers have been taking pages from the past and creating great vintage-inspired styles with the quality and feel I love."
Connie Wang, Fashion Features Director: Franken-clothes
"My 'thing' is Franken-clothes: Things that feel forced together in a strange, wonderful union. I can't get enough. I wear them with no-nonsense jeans and sneakers, and they always make me feel like I'm working it, even though it's just one item."
Naomi Nevitt, Shopping Director: Stripes
"No matter where I am in the world, regardless of the season, I'm always magnetically pulled to the one striped shirt or dress in the store I'm in. It's just so versatile! I wear my Comme des Garçons Play shirt under sweaters in the winter, with a little striped sleeve popping out; over buttoned-up oxfords, as a little sweatshirt, on chilly summer evenings; and layered under blazers at the office. It's a little bit prep, a little bit punk, and a really easy way to feel like a layering genius with minimal effort."
Annie Georgia Greenberg, Senior Style Editor: Crop Tops
"My style was redefined when I found crop tops. They allowed me to enter a world of high-waisted jeans and fun, voluminous pants and A-line skirts, without fearing the unflattering. They are the perfect balance to an otherwise serious outfit and have become an integral part of my daily dressing habits."

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