Editor Obsessions: Our Monday Morning Pick-Me-Ups

The weekend: It came. It went. It left no brunch meal uneaten. Sure, our stomachs are still bloated, and our case of the Mondays isn't helping matters, but we've got just the cure to alleviate these symptoms. After all, there's nothing like a swipe of the plastic — nope, paying electric bills and students loans don't count — to change our tune. And, buying something we've had our eye on for weeks is all the more satisfying.
Want to know what we’re obsessing? This week, our staff's crème de la crème includes a gingham crop-top-and-pencil-skirt matching set, a clutch this editor is bugging out over, chic velcro sandals (yes, seriously), and much more. Click through to get your Monday-morning shopping fix the Refinery29 way.