Earnest Alexander Makes Manly Murses For the Ethically-Conscious Guy

The hunt for a sturdy, distinctly manly murse/manbag can be a taxing one. So for all you dudes who refuse to carry Chrome and are sick of Jack Spade, may we suggest a lovely little carry-all by New York company Earnest Alexander. Made in the heart of the garment district by skilled craftspeople, all the bags support the theory that homegrown is better than out sourced, any day. Like most New Yorkers, these bags are slightly worn, classicly charming, made to go, yet pack a stealthy punch—like the Balmoral Plaid Lined Messenger, which features a classic Blackwatch tartan inside. We're also sweet on the Hudson Classic Messenger—the leather shoulder straps and dark brown twill reminds us of a hot English professor we had once. Okay, okay, we'll stop. Strap yours on at ernestalexander.com.

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