Why This Dress Became A Favorite For Breastfeeding Moms & Non-Mothers Alike

It goes without saying that everything changes when you have a baby — including your wardrobe. If you choose to breastfeed, that too adds an entirely new layer to the boxes your clothing needs to check. And unfortunately, many bras and garments designed for breastfeeding are, well, not the most fashion-forward. But there's one dress by go-to shopping and gift-y site Of A Kind that has become a favorite for breastfeeding mothers and non-moms alike because it's chic and functional.
Of A Kind's Blue Oxford Shirtdress is that easy, no-brainer garment you want to throw on for your busiest of days, but it's just as versatile for those with babies as those without. Produced in Brooklyn, this dress is made of 100% Japanese cotton and unbuttons to the (elastic!) waist, something Of a Kind’s breastfeeding customers have been taking advantage of. As an added bonus, this one's currently on sale and will ship free domestically.
Now our gears turning, thinking about all the tops and dresses that are great for breastfeeding, without necessarily being designed for it. All we can say is, whether you've got a little one or not, we're pretty confident this dress won't let you down. Click ahead to shop it along with some similar options we found on the market. Here's to looking good whether you have a baby on board or not.