I Took A Pay Cut To Pursue My Dream

There's a reason why Jay Z and Alicia Keys sing about being in an Empire State of mind. New York City is, as they praise, the place where dreams are made. And, for so many people aspiring to high-profile careers, they come to the metropolis to chase them. For some, that dream becomes a reality complete with an important title and the six-figure salary to match. But, are wealth and success worth the sacrifice?
We spoke with four people who might say no. At one time, they had sky-high salaries, but ultimately decided to ditch the big paycheck to get in touch with who they really are — and find the jobs that truly fulfill them. And, though each person's story is unique, they all ultimately decided to abandon the high-profile gig for a completely different, and subsequently more satisfying life. Ahead, four real-life tales of individuals who went out to see if the grass is really greener.
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