Accessorize Like An Egyptian With Scarab And Beetle Jewelry

Serious entomophobes, avert your eyes! Though we'll make an embarrassing scene whenever we spot a cockroach, there's something about its larger cousin that we find nearly dignified. We're in good company, too, as Egyptians cast the scarab in sacred amulets to symbolize the circle of life. We first spotted Stephanie LaCava's custom-made Pamela Love brooch at Milk studios (her love affair with the beetle is well documented in this Vogue story) and we thought that Bottega Veneta had raided Stephanie's collection with all the scarab-encrusted accessories they presented at their fall '10 runway show. So, put down the Raid—we've rounded up a few beetle-inspired products to get you crawlin'!
Above, from left: Stephanie LaCava, photo by Ashley Jahncke; Bottega Veneta fall '10 accessories, image via
Above, from left: Jessica Kagan Cushman Beetle Cuff, $170, available at Vivre; Made By Eugene Necklace, $373.55, available at Kabiri; Low Luv x Erin Wasson Scarab Ring, $73, available at Shopbop.
Above, from left: Pamela Love in her studio, image via; Bleach Black Dick Weed Nail Paint, $12.95, available at Need Supply.

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