14 Fashion Hoodies Way Better Than Merch

We won't waste your time with a long-winded opus about the hoodie's return and prevalence in mainstream fashion. Enough celebrities and off-duty models have made it their daily uniform to convince the masses, and with designers sending a multitude of iterations down the runway over the last handful of seasons (and the rise of crazy-exclusive merch and limited-edition drops), the hoodie has become a clear-cut staple.
But, what we do need to discuss is the extensive variety of "actually cute" hoodies that exist, ones we won't just reserve for a bolt to the supermarket or a trip from the couch to the kitchen. Cropped hems, bell sleeves, of-the-moment pink shades, leather finishes — these are hoodies we can call all our own.
Whether you’re looking to give a low-lift upgrade to your daily wear or you just really love a good, cozy sweatshirt, here's 14 you can rock wherever you damn please.