The Best Tights According To NYC Dancers

Ballet, modern, and musical-theater dancers' closets are packed with leotards and tights, which means they know more than a thing or two about shopping for quality versions of these skin-fitting pieces. We already tackled fashion's equivalent of the former: bodysuits. For tights, we went straight to the source — professional dancers — to scoop the best styles for on and off the dance floor. These light-footed performers' suggestions have been tested by many a pirouette and kick-ball-change, which means you needn't worry about rips, snags, or tears. The dancer-approved pairs ahead are taken to their limit on a daily basis. Kind of makes us want to break out into a happy dance.
The Tights: Danskin Convertible Tight
Why They Work: Nylon and spandex blend, CoolMax gusset, and no-roll waist for added comfort Katherine Roarty, the dance captain on the tour of Flashdance: The Musical, swears by her Danskin black convertible tights. "I usually wear my tights over my leotard to elongate my line; this way, they're also easier to change in and out of for class." Other than the small opening at the arch of the foot, we'd never know these weren't one of our cult faves. The color won't fade after just a few washes, and while the tights are lightweight, they're not too thin or sheer — which makes them less prone to rips and sags. Meanwhile, the stay-put waistband and nylon-and-spandex blend will help you — dancer or not — max out on comfort. 
The Tights: Ultra-Soft Transition Tight 
Why They Work: Semi-opaque fabric (perfect for winter) and transition opening that allows tights to be worn with a full foot or footless "When it comes to tights, I think old habits die hard," dancer Kristin Yancy told us. "I still wear the same Capezio tights I wore to ballet class growing up. They're a bit thicker, so they don't snag or run, and they last forever." Very necessary, both on and off the stage.  Refinery29's resident dance aficionado, Samm Yu, also stands by the brand. "They really are the best-feeling tights in town," says Yu. "That they're transition tights means you roll them up for your modern class and dance barefoot, or slide your covered feet into ballet slippers within a matter of seconds. Plus, the fact that they feel so soft means you won't mind wearing them under your warm-up gear or sweatpants, either."
The Tights: American Apparel Super Opaque Tight
Why They Work: Opaque pantyhose featuring a durable, heavier nylon blend that's ideal for cold weather The go-to hosiery brand for New York City Ballet behind the scenes? American Apparel. Dancer Indiana Woodward told us the brand's tights are "comfortable and durable. They come in so many colors and so many styles (footed, footless, and stirrup!). They’re versatile and go with anything." The super-opaqueness of these tights is another important plus — all the better to pair with miniskirts in the winter. A thicker fabric also yields wearers a bit more warmth, and we'll take all the cozy we can get this season. 
The Tights: Danskin Ultra-Shimmery Stirrup
Why They Work: Stay-put stirrup styling, no-roll waist, and CoolMax gusset Flashdance: The Musical dancer Ashley Munzek told us she prefers Danskin's stirrup iteration — "always in black," because it lets her toes breathe. These particular tights also come with a shimmery finish; while you may want to stick with matte options during the day, a little shine will be a welcome addition to your going-out looks. 

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