20 Carryalls For When You're Sick Of Your Black Tote

We could practically write a memoir about our lifelong love affair with black tote bags. Sure, we've dipped our toes into clutches and given the mini bag trend the old college try, but we'll always come running home to our can-fit-anything-carryall with open arms: it goes with every outfit, holds all of our things, and, truthfully, it will never let us down. But, we have to remind ourselves sometimes that there are other carryalls out there that, well, aren't black totes.
We know, it's tough to wrap your head around, but if you peruse the internet, there are endless options that are equally as practical and versatile, but just add a little something more to your everyday look instead of just fading into the background. From rich suedes with contrast linings to sequins, prints, textures, and metallic details, as soon as you click through these carryall options, you'll hardly even remember your black-toting days (but just like moving on from an ex, you'll always have a special place in your heart for them).
Click on to be convinced that maybe there are other carryall fish in the sea.

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