9 Pairs Of Comfy Commuting Shoes For Work — Or Play!

Diamonds might be some girls' best friends, but for us, shoes are what really get us going. Sweet suede wedges? Check. Out-of-this-world platform booties? Yes, please. Date-night heels that make our legs look like they go on (and on!) for days? Um, we'll take two.
But what about kicks for that daily 9-to-5 grind? When it comes to looking cute for the trek to your day job, it's not enough to throw on any old pair of flats — in fact, sloppy shoes can make even your best ensemble look subpar. But, with the right pair of patterned slip-ons, walkable boots, and chic oxfords, you can tackle Georgetown cobblestones, Arlington escalators, and miles of gritty city sidewalks in major style. So, click through for nine pairs that'll help you walk tall—even in flats.
Photo: Courtesy of Les Nouvelles