13 Vintage T-Shirts You Need In Your Closet

Buying worn-in clothes with holes and thinning material might seem a bit crazy when you can score brand-new items for half the price. But, if you live in L.A., you're likely already a self-proclaimed vintage tee connoisseur. You are rendered completely powerless in the face of secondhand garments. You understand that nothing can beat the thrill of unearthing an absolute gem in a pile of total castoffs. But, the hunt for your new favorite vintage tee doesn't always have to involve a trip to the Rose Bowl — which, let's face it, too often ends with feeling completely overheated, with nothing to show for your efforts.
To help expand your collection — or at least raise the bar a bit — we've pulled together 14 extremely cool vintage T-shirts that anyone would be lucky to have in their wardrobe. Even better, all of them are just a click away. Now all you have to do is to find a pair of perfectly worn-in Levi's 501s to complete the look.