30 Ultra-Creative Business Cards For A Killer First Impression

Photo: Courtesy of Hoodzpah.
You've probably heard the saying, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." As nerve-wracking as that thought is, we happen to believe there's truth behind this old adage. And, it couldn't be more applicable than in Los Angeles — the land of high-stakes interviews, important red carpet events, competitive coworkers, and impressionable clients.

So, how do you make sure you're not praying for that do-over that will never come your way? It's even easier than crafting an elevator pitch. Step one: Get some cool business cards made. Step two: Hand them out with abandon. See? We told you it was simple! For inspiration, click through to peek 30 badass business cards, all from local creatives. From photographers and filmmakers to boutique owners and writers, these guys know a thing or two about commanding attention from the get-go. Are you taking notes?

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Photo: Courtesy of Iron Curtain Press.
With a shiny copper logo and felt-like background, interior designer Vanessa Schreiber's cards master the mixed material look — and she has the design team at Iron Curtain Press to thank for it.
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Photo: Courtesy of Presshaus L.A.
Ban.do's website asserts that the brand is "serious about fun" — so, it only makes sense to have the word emblazoned on its business cards. The Los Angeles purveyor of bags, wallets, jewelry, iPhone cases, and more enlisted the help of Presshaus L.A. to create them, and we couldn't be more envious that our names aren't on the back.
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Photo: Courtesy of Gabe Ferreira.
Graphic designer Gabe Ferreira's cut-outs may take the cake as the most unique in our roundup. It's like you have to check out his site, right?
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Photo: Courtesy of RoAndCo.
It's only fitting that such a stylish shop would have such covetable cards. Ten Over Six's fashionable clothes and accessories won us over long ago, but now we're head-over-heels with the store's RoAndCo-designed ombre deck, too.
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Photo: Courtesy of Say What.
DTLA's Apartment A is a private events space available for dinner parties, photo shoots, screenings, and more. For its branding needs, the company turned to graphic design studio Say What, and the result is a series of cards so cool, it's a shame they'll be hidden away in wallets.
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Photo: Courtesy of Underwood Letterpress.
Local photographer Bethany Lynn Nauert isn't just skilled behind the camera — the multi-talented creative also designed these first-impression makers herself. L.A. studio Underwood Letterpress was able to recreate her prototype and produce these oh-so-cool versions.
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Photo: Courtesy of Iron Curtain Press.
We're crazy about the striking simplicity of Whitney Adams' square beauties. For the all-important design decision, the actress, sommelier, and writer turned to the creative minds at Iron Curtain Press.
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Photo: Courtesy of RoAndCo.
Keeping in mind the clothing boutique's celestial name and the owners' love of astronomy, RoAndCo devised these wallet-sized wonders for 11th Moon. Printed on thick purple stock, the foil-stamping technique gives them an iridescent look.
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Photo: Courtesy of Project M+.
Throwing a party? Hive Social Lab custom-prints your guests' Instagrams so they can take home memorable souvenirs from your bash. An ingenious business model calls for ingenious cards, so design studio Project M+ fashioned hexagon-shaped versions for the company instead of cookie-cutter rectangles.
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Photo: Courtesy of Hoodzpah.
Design studio Hoodzpah did an A+ job with hip-hop artist and producer DuhraL's branding. We don't know what we love more about this design: the unique flag logo, or the shimmering, eye-catching gold edges.
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Photo: Courtesy of Presshaus L.A.
Cards that look more like museum material than wallet material? Check! Interior designer Savannah Farris-Gilbert undoubtedly wins potential clients over with these artsy gems, which were created by design and letterpress studio Presshaus L.A.
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Photo: Courtesy of Iron Curtain.
It comes as no surprise that DTLA-based illustrator Renée Lusano's business cards are as charming as her whimsical art. Printed by Iron Curtain Press, we especially love how the card's white text pops against the tangerine background.
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Photo: Courtesy of Adam Glucksman.
Get this: Motion designer Adam Glucksman created 720 different business cards, each one designed using a unique frame from his short film Vavohu. An ambitious concept if we ever heard one, but we think his handiwork paid off in spades.
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Photo: Courtesy of Hoodzpah.
To promote their radio show The Quest, Dr. Tony Saunders and Philip Husbandman called up design experts Hoodzpah to produce a statement-making concept. All we can say is: mission accomplished.
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Photo: Courtesy of Project M+.
The Southern California Children's Museum in Pasadena recruited Project M+ to help develop its brand identity. And, from the looks of these art-worthy results, it was a wise decision, indeed!
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Photo: Courtesy of Blok Design.
When production company Lucky 21 moved from Dallas to L.A., they commissioned Canadian design studio Blok Design to dream up an entirely new brand identity to help them make waves in their new 'hood. We think these sleek gray-and-orange cards fit the bill perfectly.
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Photo: Courtesy of Iron Curtain Press.
Random squiggles and shapes never looked so cool. Avoiding the boring corporate route, L.A. artist, illustrator, and animation director Aaron Bjork put his own creative stamp on these lookers, which were printed locally at Iron Curtain Press.
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Photo: Courtesy of Version X.
When you create brands and packaging for other companies, your own brand better be pretty strong. Luckily, North Hollywood-based Version X lives up to this expectation with a finished product that stands out in a sea of streamlined shapes.
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Photo: Courtesy of Iron Curtain Press.
Why use boring white paper when you can use felt? Complete with gold edges and an embossed logo, Iron Curtain Press executed these pretties to perfection for Lauren Young London, a celebrity facialist and skincare expert.
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Photo: Courtesy of Presshaus L.A.
Is it just us or do these have a hint of '70s sensibility to them? Regardless, L.A.-based online children's boutique Tiny Modernism hit it out of the park with these stunners.
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Photo: Courtesy of Presshaus L.A.
How is it that such a simple design could look so impressive? Kaori Walter, owner of children's clothing retailer Belly Sesame, designed these spiffy cards herself.
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Photo: Courtesy of Iron Curtain Press.
Sometimes, less is more. Instead of opting for bold, look-at-me versions, Canopy founder and designer Sarah Magidoff went for understated, cork-inspired cards. Designed by Sarah herself and printed by Iron Curtain Press, the finished product is subtle yet undeniably stylish.
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Photo: Courtesy of Presshaus L.A.
You might be familiar with local photographer Max Wanger's dreamy work — particularly his popular Waikiki series — but as it turns out, his business cards for his online shop are just as rad. Designed by Presshaus L.A., we're all about the minimalist vibe of these all-white, square creations.
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Photo: Courtesy of Copper Willow.
We have a feeling nine may be Joe Straw's lucky number. Paper studio Copper Willow conceived this idea for the multi-hyphenate producer, director, and writer — we particularly love the megaphone-inspired way his name is written out.
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Photo: Courtesy of Trüf.
Business cards from Santa Monica creative studio Trüf: Gotta catch 'em all. Who says you need to stick to one pattern?
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Photo: Courtesy of Underwood Letterpress.
DTLA-based digital agency Fillainy knows the power of classic black and white. Lesson learned: You don't need vibrant colors or out-there designs to create a great first impression.
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Photo: Courtesy of Mattson Creative.
We could tell you that Rogers Reel produces films from start to finish, but you could probably figure that out just by glancing at these Mattson Creative-designed squares. Shouldn't that be the goal of a business card in the first place?
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Photo: Courtesy of Project M+.
Silver Lake's Kure Spa tapped Project M+ to create these "Love thy neighbor" winners, which prove that a yellow-and-black color combo plus cool calligraphy equal a first-class idea.
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Photo: Courtesy of Iron Curtain Press.
Designed by Canopy and printed by Iron Curtain Press, we adore the textured element on jewelry brand Lark + Minnow's classy paper product.
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Photo: Courtesy of Truf.
Trüf's creations for audio services company Kill The Messenger feature a diagonal motif that take basic black-and-gray to the next level.

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