The Coolest Sneakers You Definitely Haven’t Seen Before

Sneakers, trainers, tennis shoes — the terminology varies, but this style (once reserved for physical activity) has trickled into our everyday shoe lineup. Season after season, it works its way into our wardrobe, the type and amount of socks we need to wear with it varying accordingly. Now, we build outfits from the bottom up, starting with what will best complement the sophisticated leather upper, the wild print, or the bright colorblocking on our toes.
Over time, we find there are certain formulas that work, and that we keep coming back to: the white sneaker, the colorful sole, the laceless style. But those features don't have to start feeling repetitive, or even ordinary. In fact, we found 21 pairs that play on these classics and make them feel new and special. The leather is suede, the sole is marble-printed, the laces are purely there for looks. Oh, and Velcro? It's making a comeback. See the best of functional fashion, ahead.