These Are The Creepiest Destinations In The World

Pity the poor cemetery. Most Americans don’t think of graveyards as cool places to hang out, which is a shame. Often, they’re beautiful, peaceful places to decompress or go for a stroll. Not every country finds death macabre, however, and many cemeteries boast gardens, park benches, or magnificent architecture. Others are legitimately creepy, but that’s part of their appeal. Some have even turned into unlikely tourist attractions, their allure being celebrity “residents,” alleged paranormal activity, or historic significance.
I’ve always loved cemeteries (I was a weird kid, what can I say?) because of the insight they provide into the history and culture of a place. Whenever I travel, be it domestic or international, I make a point of checking out famous boneyards and exploring random burial grounds. From Poland to Paris, here are my picks for the world’s spookiest, quirkiest, and seriously scenic cemeteries. Happy Halloween!

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