The ROYGBIV Guide To Rad Bridesmaid Dresses

The space in your closet is already limited — the last thing you need in there is a bunch of dust-gathering bridesmaid dresses that you only wore once. The good news is, assuming the bride's given you the task of finding something that fits her color palette, you have the freedom to search high and low for the perfect dress that you'll wear again and again.
Rather than frocks that are puffy or look prom-themed, opt for modern, streamlined silhouettes that feel timeless and flatter your body type. Whether or not you're spending a ton of money, you want to be able to wear it at least a few more times after the big day, be it for work events or other weddings.
So to celebrate marriage equality — and with the knowledge that wedding season will now likely be busier than ever — we rounded up the best frocks in every color of the rainbow, from short to floor-length and everything in between. Brush up on your color wheel and click through our rainbow of cool bridesmaid dresses ahead.

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