Fashion Sins I Committed In College

Photographed by Atisha Paulson.
America was a different place in 2004. The second President Bush was in the White House; Lindsay Lohan had a career, and Paris Hilton was parading around in flimsy, thousand-dollar halter dresses that would’ve looked more at home on a Contempo Casuals sales rack.

Clearly, the world had gone mad — myself included. For the majority of college, I was the living embodiment of a Fashion Don’t. I don’t blame myself — or anyone who dressed like me — because we were living under some very toxic pop culture influences. (I mean, in the early 2000s, Beyoncé was forced to dress like a denim- and fur-clad triplet on the red carpet. BEYONCÉ.) So it is with tenderness that I recount the fashion sins I committed in college.

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