Party Coats That Will Make Your Outfit

You approach your party dressing strategy with the same precision as you do your holiday shopping: weeks of planning and narrowing down until you find the one. The dress. You get all done up, according to plan, and everything's great until the second before you step outside. Stuffing that crummy puffer over everything just ruined your look.
Without a coat that's just as fancy as what you've got on underneath, your festive vibe is instantly dulled. And, your first impression upon walking in the joint? People are seeing your topper, not the dress. To ensure your ensemble is complete from inside out, we rounded up 30 pretty coats perfect for layering. Your sparkly shift has some stiff competition.
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Skip a white dress (dancing-induced red wine spills do happen) and opt for a snowy-hued coat, instead.
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Cozier than your favorite blanket, but still demands glances when you walk in.
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Camo just got less rugged.
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How sporty girls do fancy.
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For those slightly more casual evenings.
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Warm, chic, and versatile.
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Brighten up even the most neutral ensembles.
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A touch of camel adds instant sophistication to even your most laid-back look.
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The pops of unexpected texture give this all-black option a little special something-something.
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The leather sleeves makes this festive pattern feel cooler.
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A retro-inspired vision in orange.
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A snuggly bathrobe you can wear out? Your fellow party patrons will ooze jealousy.
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Sometimes, we want our outerwear to stand out. For those times, Marc by Marc brings the glam.
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A classic silhouette with a hint of interesting texture at the lapel: We're into it.
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For those weekday afternoons spent decked out in pearls, enjoying Champagne and foie gras while overlooking an English garden. (You know you have a lot of those.)
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Because, it's a little awkward to bring your plush toy out to formal events.
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Your (chic) prairie home companion.
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Another way to leave that beloved teddy at home.
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Sophisticated and with a touch of the unexpected — just look at those electric blue buttons!
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A rocker silhouette goes soft in this sweet, light hue.
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Try mixing this plaid coat with your checked holiday dress: the new way to do tartan.
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Watch out: This coat's unexpected textures may just be more interesting than what you're wearing underneath.
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Throw this over anything for a power-lady vibe.
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It's ladylike lumberjack; yes, that's a thing.
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This candy-colored coat would look extra-cool over a sleek, minimalist dress.
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Drape this over your shoulders for a black-tie affair and look stunning.
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Ideal for holiday times in warmer climes.
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For all your downtown holiday partying.
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Utilitarian? Sure. But, those vibrant pockets are also cheekily fun.
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Three-quarter-length sleeves are ideal if your arm-party is ready to take center stage.

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