Road Trippin’ To Coachella? We’ve Got You Covered

Say it with us now: festival season. Has a more beautiful and excitement-inducing phrase ever been uttered? Every year we await this magical time with all the anticipation of a kid on Christmas morning — after all, Coachella is basically the adult version of Christmas, no? We're sure you've all spent countless hours poring over the lineup and putting together your dream schedules (Outkast? Check! Haim? Check! Pharrell? Check!), but we want to remind you that the festival isn't all about the music. We're going to help you turn your journey to the desert into a full-fledged getaway, complete with shopping, pampering, and tons of sipping and snacking.
As such, our trusty R29 editors have put together a handy-dandy guide to the Southland area — including our favorite stops in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and even a few in between. After all, a well-rounded vacay is the best kind. Now, bust out your backpack and your wristband and get to the fun.