For The Procrastinators: An Essential Coachella Checklist

We're staunch believers in the to-each-their-own theory of festival dressing. But, whether your Coachella suitcase is stuffed with tie-dye crochet or camping gear (or both!), there's a secret arsenal of essentials that every ticket-holder should have at the ready.
For example, what happens if your VIP wristband has you shimmying a bit too close to those larger-than-life speakers? No eardrum damage for you, thanks to those nifty buds packed in your bag! No time to squeeze in a proper wash for those partying tresses? Well, it’s a good thing you snagged some dry shampoo, just for the occasion. So, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned Indio vet (since '99, of course), we've got the ultimate guide to surviving the three-day party. Floral crown entirely optional — though encouraged!