Coach Made A Bag That’s A Fashion Blogger’s Best Friend

It's a tough life out there for a fashion blogger: juggling camera, smartphone, voice recorder, tripod, makeup essentials, a laptop, a change of shoes, and anything else they might need to perfect that street-style lean pose (did you think that happened by chance?). Don't worry, Coach has your back (and side).
With the help of Emily Johnston, the blogger behind Fashion Foie Gras, Coach has created the first Blogger Bag to accommodate all the tools and tricky supplies you could possibly need in one super-cute, oversized (obvi) carryall. Considering we'll also be able to throw in an extra cardi, a book for the subway, half of today's lunch that we ate on the run, and stay stylin', we're thinking this new beauty is definitely worth the cyber buzz. (Grazia Daily)

Photo: Via Grazia Daily