21 Ways To Upgrade Your Everyday Winter Accessories

Dusting off our stored away seasonal wardrobe can feel like a pseudo-shopping day. There's always a sweater or two we forgot we wore religiously, or a pair of boots we didn't realize we still owned. But while rediscovering a coveted coat can be exciting, coming across a stack of limp cashmere scarves — not so much. We all have a box full of novelty beanies and leather gloves that have had our backs throughout insufferable winters, however, even the most durable pieces can feel a bit dated after a quick scan through last year's photo albums.
If your winter accessories give off more of a cold weather survival kit vibe rather than looking like an enviable winter wardrobe, it's probably time for an upgrade. Revamp those classics — leather gloves, knit scarves, chunky beanies — with options, like the 21 ahead, that'll feel fresh, cozy, and timeless.