The Perfectly Tailored Pieces Every Woman Needs To Own

Normally, we're guessing the only fiddling you do with a new addition to your wardrobe involves taking off the tag. But for a select few items of clothing, giving it that extra post-purchase TLC is imperative. We're talking about taking it a real, bona fide tailor — a process that women don't usually consider, which makes a world of difference.
But don't think that the bespoke treatment has to cost you a small fortune: You can either go for $10 button-ups and blazers and give them the nip-tuck treatment, or if you're a little lazier, like us, you can just keep shopping until you find perfect-pieces that hang on you like they were made for you. Ahead, the six tailored pieces every woman needs to have in the arsenal (and if you want to go the extra mile and get yours altered, well, color us impressed).

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