The Best Summer Sneakers Under $50 To Buy Now

With summer fast approaching, strappy sandals and cutout kicks are about to have their heyday. But, not everyone is the toe-bearing type, and not every day calls for open-air footwear — especially when you're traipsing around an urban jungle like New York City. For every open-toe lover, there's a lady who prefers to lace up — and for every sandal-worthy summer evening, there's a busy day of trekking all over town.
So, we pounded the pavement to help all those in desperate need of affordable new rubber soles. Check out the best casual sneakers of the summer, all for under $50 (yes, $50!). From first-rate lace-ups to wear-'em-to-the-bone slip-ons, these are the sporty winners that are guaranteed to carry you through your endless array of summer activities. Now, shall we kick it?