Here's The Best Summer Travel Plan For Your Budget

photographed by Anna Jay.
Summer vacations are shining beacons of hope that light us through abysmal winters. But once the warm season of wanderlust arrives, actually booking those trips becomes an expensive and overwhelming reality. As much as we look forward to traveling in June, July, and August, high flight prices are enough to keep us firmly rooted at home in our hibernation stations. So, we sought out a way to plan the vacation of our dreams that will get us off our couches during this upcoming sunny season — minus the money headache.
We worked with the travel experts at Hopper, a budget airfare-booking app, to suss out an expansive variety of potential summer vacation destinations based off of different budgets. The app taps its historical archive of flight prices in order to determine exactly what tickets to buy and when for the most competitive prices. And according to Patrick Surry, Hopper's Chief Data Scientist, not only are domestic flight prices in the U.S. down 4% compared to last year, but round-trip tickets to European cities are also down 9% — meaning now's the time to book that trip to Italy you've been dreaming about.
The roundtrip ideas ahead are all broken down by approximate budget ranges (from $100 to $1,000) and originating city of departure. Scroll on for an idea of when, where, and for how long you can make summer travel magic happen on your specified dime.